Our history has really been a voyage. From the predawn years of Honda, we were obsessed in motor racing with cars like the model N. That was the 70s. For the love of cars, we raced through the 80s with passion. In the 90s, we began racing overseas in various endurance races. Our adoration for Honda Sports fueled our progress for over 40 years. With it, we developed and introduced revolutionary tuning parts like the carbon hood, monocoque aluminum opposed atypical calipers and throttle bodies. Such philosophy or “-ism” is what created the brand, Spoon Sports.

Spoon Sports is the brand that translates revolutionary ideas and “-isms” to real life products. Spoon’s originality and product philosophy are enriched into all of our products. So long as there are people with passion for Honda Sports, our voyage continues.

Endurance races have always inspired us to advance further. The tuning method that we’ve derived through these experiences is “building up of small elements”. For example, shaving off 1kg from 1200 kg of vehicle weight shortens the lap time by .01 second at 120 seconds/lap course. 1/1000 of difference would shorten the time by 1 second after 10 laps, then 2 seconds after 20 laps. In every part that we produce, we have been following the 1/1000 theory. Fuel consumption, tire wear, brake life... none of these factors should stand out on their own and all must be in balance. Vehicle that let the driver have full control and do not break down are the exact reasons why Spoon participates in endurance races.

Honda is unique in its way of adapting techniques and materials that was originally intended for racing. Spoon maintains that distinctive “Honda engine feel” with further improvement in engine performance. Spoon’s mission has been to seek “the best and most ideal” tuning balance without sacrificing engine reliability. Spoon’s engine tuning method involves careful tweaking of various elements such as the combustion chamber, weight balance of moving parts, metal contacts, piston ring tension, and valve spring rates.

Braking is the key to sport driving. Confident braking without hesitation is crucial in sport driving. When you have mastered the essence of braking to reduce speed, not to stop the car, and braking to control load balance on corner entry, you will then reach a higher level of sport driving. To make this possible, Spoon has developed premium braking systems such as the aluminum monocoque calipers. Every caliper is designed to fully adapt to Honda’s own ABS and proportion- ing valves.

In developing intake and exhaust systems, Spoon applied the principal of pulsation. Spoon recommends changing the air cleaner on the standard intake system to retain mid-range torque, and not to seek only the maximum output. Spoon concentrates on a few select Honda models to develop products based on actual circuit and winding road test. These tests are crucial for measuring differences caused by pipe length, diameter and layout for each model.

Spoon takes the utmost care in drivetrain tuning. Attention to this part is essential since the drivetrain receives an extended period of time under harsh conditions. Improper adjustment of the LSD’s torque rate can cause unpleasant sound and vibration at low speeds for everyday driving. This could ruin the whole impression of the car and its driving experience. Spoon’s extensive knowledge makes it possible to cope with these situations with careful and complete drivetrain work.

Imagine driving on a smooth and flat road surface. The wheels are rotating at high speed, and the suspension arms are moving up and down, sometimes calmly and at other times quickly. When the driver brakes hard, the suspension arms move intensely to compensate for the road surface and the dampers begin to attenuate. In such varying conditions, the suspension must deliver an even body position, allowing the vehicle to run straight and maximize tire grip. Spoon aims to retain optimal dampening with minimal friction. This is key to improving driving feel and achieving higher performance.

Spoon seeks to produce a tough and rigid body. Rigidity is absolutely necessary in order to quickly communicate driver input to the steering and suspension. Additonally, a rigid body immediately feeds road conditions and traction back to the driver. Spoon provides various body reinforcement parts produced with experience from building race cars from stock cars.

Spoon has consistently been the benchmark for functional Honda aerodynamic aftermarket parts and received support from Honda fans throughout the world. In 1987 Spoon became the first in the world to manufacture and distribute carbon fiber hoods. In the pursuit of true Honda spirit, Spoon has developed aero kits with sporty and energetic styling. Aerodynamic components increase track performance and driver confidence. Spoon’s simple and functional design supports the pleasure of driving. “Love for Honda”, that is the universal identity and value of Spoon.

Knowledge gained during racing is directly reflected back to product development. Accesso- ries not only provide a cosmetic upgrade but serve to improve performance and durability in all applications. Use of high quality materials ensures standards down to the smallest details.

Manufactured in Japan under international Patent No. 69757 and US Patent No. US8353659B2 using a properietary material, the Spoon Rigid Collar is designed specifically for each application to insert between the subframe and chassis to provide a tighter fit. The factory subframe and chassis are designed with a wide tolerance to ease and speed up production. After time, driving causes the fitment to shift and flex under load. The Spoon Rigid Collar kit closes the gap between the mating surfaces and bolts to reduce chassis movement, significantly improving the handling and safety of the car. The Rigid Collar Kit is an essential upgrade to your car that is low cost and easy to install.

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